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Word of the Day – Clowder

I was watching an old episode of The Big Bang Theory today and learned from Sheldon that a group of cats is called a CLOWDER or a GLARING.  My curiosity took me to the internet and I found the following article.  Not only did I learn about the term clowder, but a variety of other terms as well.    As a kindergarten teacher, this year I am going to teach my students a new word each day to help increase their vocabulary.  Clowder will be one of those words.
The Big Bang Theory — “The Zazzy Solution” (original air date 10/07/10)
A Group of Cats is Called a ‘Clowder’Daven Hiskey July 18, 2011


Today I found out that the correct term for referring to a group of cats is ‘clowder’.  Interestingly, there are also two other valid ways to refer to a group of cats, other than just saying “group of cats” or “cats”.  Those other two terms are ‘clutter’ and ‘glaring’.

In addition to this, if one wants to refer to a group of wild cats, the correct terms are ‘dowt’ and ‘destruction’.   A male cat, when neutered, is called a “gib”, when not, is called a “tom”.  Female cats are known as “molly”.

The word “cat” itself derives from the Old English “catt”.  Catt has its source in the Late Latin “catus”, meaning: “domestic cat”.  This Late Latin word probably derives from an Afro-Asiatic word: “kaddîska”, meaning “wild cat”.


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Don’t Dwell on the Past

So true!! You can’t go back and change the past, but you can move forward in a new direction, learning from your mistakes

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What’s in a Name??

When you get divorced, what do you do with your last name?  Keep your married name or go back to your maiden name?   Many women keep their married name because they have children and it makes it less confusing for the kids.  Some decide to go back to their maiden name, or I suppose you could do a hyphenated name, but if so, you probably would have done that when you got married.

There is actually a third option, which is to create a new last name.  This is the option I chose.  I didn’t want to keep my married name as I don’t feel I am that person anymore.  I do have three kids, but they are older and I don’t think it will effect them.  I think I would have made the same decision if my kids were younger.  I didn’t want to go back to my maiden name because I am not that person anymore either.

My counselor suggested creating a new last name, something that describes who I really am, not the “down and out depressed, because my life has turned up-side-down” me.  I googled name changes on the internet and found similar information.  So I thought about it and brainstormed names.  I mentioned it to my daughter to see what she thought and she was very supportive of the idea.  So I thought some more.  I googled last names on the internet and tried my first name with each one.  I googled those I liked, both first and last name together, on the internet to see what came up and what kind of people may already have that name.

I narrowed it down to two names, Becky Sparks and Becky Diamond.  I thought Sparks, because I consider myself bright, sparkly, fun, and colorful like a firework.  In fact, Firework by Katy Perry is one of my favorite songs.  I’ve lived the down side of the song and am working my way toward staying on the up side.  I liked Diamond because it also shines and sparkles and I thought of the saying “a diamond in the rough”. defines it as Someone (or something) that has hidden exceptional characteristics and/or future potential, but currently lacks the final touches that would make them (or it) truly stand out from the crowd.  Well, I don’t want to continue to lack the final touches, I want to have them.  I think Becky Sparks has the final, sparkly touch and is ready to move forward and face life as it comes in a positive way.

However, when I first thought up Becky Sparks and tried it out loud, I have to be honest.  I thought it sounded like the name of a porn star.  My counselor assured me she didn’t think so.  Now that I’ve practiced the name several times and am using it in print I am getting use to it.  And I like it!!  It will not be official for a few more weeks, when the divorce is final.  When that happens, Becky Sparks I will officially be!!

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Chocolate Overload Cookies

Usually I just make the recipe off the back of the chocolate chip package, and they are always very tasty.  Who knew there could be something even tastier!!  These cookies were delicious and so easy to make.  Overload is in the cookie’s name, but I don’t think you can ever be overloaded with too much chocolate!  The key is giving most of the cookies away to friends and family so you don’t eat them all yourself.  If you give just a few to several people, they won’t complain about added pounds either, and you still have a few left to share with those at home.

I must give thanks to RecipeGirl, as that’s where I found these delicious cookies, because I surely can’t take credit for this.   I am going to try to post the link to the recipe.  I’m not sure how, so here it is:


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Hello world!

Welcome!!  I am looking forward to using this blog to explore the question, “What does Becky want?”  I know what Becky didn’t want.  I didn’t want to be divorced after 23 years of marriage.  Instead of trying to explain how I got here in one LONG blog entry, I think I will tackle it in several short entries, otherwise I might as well write a novel instead of a blog.  Within those thoughts I will be blogging different explorations as I figure out what Becky truly does want.

The first things that have come to my mind to explore are cooking, photography, and writing.  I have already discovered HOT yoga and love it!!!!  I also want to try Paddle Boarding, but am probably going to wait until next summer so I can get another year of yoga and exercise in.  I want my 45 year old body to look HOT in a two piece suit as I paddle across the lake.  The bod is well on it’s way and should be well toned by next summer.

I have also reconnected with my spiritual side and have found a church I am truly getting fed at.  I am enjoying a weekly Women’s Bible Study.  We are currently going through the book of Nehemiah.  My faith is stronger than it’s ever been and God will always be first in my life.

My mind is racing with other things to explore, so this blog must have me off on the right start.  I think life will actually get good again!!  Stay tuned……..

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