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Chocolate Overload Cookies

Usually I just make the recipe off the back of the chocolate chip package, and they are always very tasty.  Who knew there could be something even tastier!!  These cookies were delicious and so easy to make.  Overload is in the cookie’s name, but I don’t think you can ever be overloaded with too much chocolate!  The key is giving most of the cookies away to friends and family so you don’t eat them all yourself.  If you give just a few to several people, they won’t complain about added pounds either, and you still have a few left to share with those at home.

I must give thanks to RecipeGirl, as that’s where I found these delicious cookies, because I surely can’t take credit for this.   I am going to try to post the link to the recipe.  I’m not sure how, so here it is:


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