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Diet Coke – to have or not to have

It’s time to make some healthy changes.

I am addicted to Diet Coke.  In the past 3 or 4 years I have gone off diet coke, or at least diet coke with caffeine twice.  Neither time was easy, but I was thrilled when I was able to go a day without craving it and without getting a withdrawal headache.  I drink so much now that I am afraid to go cold turkey.  But when I attempt to cut back slowly, I don’t even come close to finding success.  I drink at least a two liter bottle a day.

Why do I want to stop?

#1 – I hate to need it (the caffeine).  I hate the idea of knowing I’m going to be in, say a meeting all morning, and not be able to get through the meeting without a soda.  My soon to be ex and son are going on a backpacking trip this weekend.  Bruce was making a food supply list and I was mentioning I would need some soda.  Well, there’s no soda on this trip, because they are hiking in to the camp site and hiking out.  They want to keep the weight in their backpack to a minimum.  If I was going on this trip, I would have some serious withdrawal issues soon after the hiking began.

#2 – It probably isn’t that healthy to drink that much.  I know there’s a lot of studies about the various ingredients in diet soda.  I have chosen to ignore them.

There was a time I started drinking tea that I made at home with Lipton tea bags.  It did have caffeine, so I don’t know if that’s a cop out.  I’m thinking drinking tea is better than soda.  At least it’s a start towards getting off the soda.  And I like the taste of tea over water.

Although I want to go off caffeine and stay off it this time, I think I would like to transition slowly so I don’t experience failure again.

So, starting tomorrow SparklyBecky commits to going cold turkey off diet coke by transitioning to ice tea, water, and other drink choices that don’t include soda.  By doing so I will feel better about myself, be healthier, and have some extra $$ in my wallet because I’m not paying from $0.99 – $1.98 per bottle.  At one bottle a day that’s $30.00 – $60.00 per month.  That should be enough motivation right there, considering I’m a soon to be divorced woman who has only been working as a teacher for 6 years so the pay isn’t very good yet, particularly since the salary scale has been frozen for the last few years…..and I’m about to take on my own mortgage.

This good decision makes me feel all the more sparklier!!




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